“Smuggler hides iguanas in wooden leg”

I would have got away with itbut for the noise –claws scratching at the woodthose gentle, coughing soundsiguanas make. “One moment, sir!”I knew that I was done for.” If you could come this way…” In my skivvies, standing on one leg,I watched him spring the secret trapdoor-out the tumbled, all my little darlings,skittering across theContinue reading ““Smuggler hides iguanas in wooden leg””


No-one saw them sky in –twelve swans freshfrom nowhere. They sail in convoy,bow waves curlalong their flanks,wings catch the wind,curved necks signalling SSSSSSSSSSSS Later, in the afternoonsome rest so stillyou see each featherin their reflections.Others snake below the surfacelooking for small fish, frogs and weed. They were still there at dusk –twelve jack o’lanterns glowingContinue reading “Swans”

The Shepherd’s Hut

You always find surprises in a second hand bookshop. I found this the other day – and it’s a poetry anthology with a difference. “The Shepherd”s Hut” is a collection designed especially for slow, contemplative reading. “Take time for each word Give room to white space, Listen for the beat, Tune to the weather, RekindleContinue reading “The Shepherd’s Hut”