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5 Haiku

My phone spies on me – rings random strangers, just for fun, sniggers in my ear. There’s no business… Life? No rehearsal – improvise, work for the laugh – smile as the curtain falls. Book shop Shoulder to shoulder, wait to be bought, browsed, read, returned to the shop. The cafe has closed down –Continue reading “5 Haiku”

Parliament of cats

A piece of empty, barren ground overgrown and patched with nettles, broken bricks and sunflowers. This is where they come. Stepping deftly from the shadows they nudge the grass aside and find a place – Manxies, Marmalades, and haughty Siamese, rag eared warriors and plump eunuchs, queens and catlings hissing, spitting, rowling till peace isContinue reading “Parliament of cats”

Great Jarb

You Gotta!

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