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Sometimes my longlost girlfriends come to haunt me.They steal into my dreams but never stay.They just drop in to see if I’m still happy.When I say “Yes” they smile and fade away. Kitty- cheekbones, legs, moved like a racehorse,county voice, a smouldering, sensual stare,is now a granny doing an OU coursewith dodgy hips and saltContinue reading “Haunted”


Adieu ! Farewell Earth’s blissThis world uncertain is. Carona’s come, the Queen of Deathwho halts a nation. with her breath.The fearful sick must hope and waitalone, they must self-isolate. I am sick. I must die.Lord, have mercy on us. The media tells us what to doin hopes that it will see us through.Put on aContinue reading “Carona”

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