In the Beginning

In The Beginning there was GetGo

And God saw that it was good

and it was

except for a few glitches.

There were no problems

only challenges.

We rolled out The Garden of Eden –

a tough job but we went

at pace and scale –

all authentic, all blue-sky thinking,

and at the end, or rather “ The Beginning”

we were good to go.

God had a helicopter view

of the whole project.

My only regret was the ears –

We out-sourced them –

young angel, bad with deadlines.

In the end  it was his Gran

who made the lot by hand.

No. That was not the issue.

It was Adam.

Got out of control, didn’t he ?

Went for the low-hanging fruit…

It wasn’t fair to put the blame on him, though –

It was all baked in at the start.

God was vexed – but still. 

It is what it is and not

the end of the world.

and Beelzebub is offering a juicy contract

In the Outer Hades.

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