A transport of delight

Photo by Nextvoyage on Pexels.com

When I was four I fell in love

with trams.

I loved

          the shape – a double decker cigar

          the  glossy cherry-and-cream  paint job

          the trapeze on top to catch

          electricity from the wires.

I pondered

           how it could have two fronts and two backs

I thrilled. 

           at the way it crashed and swayed

           from side to side

           the bow wave of sparks.

I envied

           the conductor

           with his rack of tickets

           and his rude stories

          the driver like Ahab,

          braced against the roll,

          grasping the brass safety handle

          like the butt of a harpoon.

I loved

          the  screech of grinding steel on steel

           the rumbling electric growl

           and climbing down the iron steps

           back into the world.

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