A stable genius

You wouldn’t believe  it, would you ? I mean…soup. I would never have thought they would sink so low…so very low..lower then I’ve ever seen. And the police ..they’re just doing their jarb…they do a great jarb…heroes…all they got is…what ? Guns…tear gas..police dogs…helicopters…tazers… and THEY got soup. They throw the soup at the cops…right ? And that tells me something. I just worked this out. If they’re throwing soup at the cops that means that they ain’t  hungry…they got plenty of soup at home… they can afford to go out into the street and throw soup at the cops…..some of it in tins.

Some of the soup is in bags. They have these special bags. Waterproof.  Soup proof. So it doesn’t leak. I worked that out too.

And the guy who was accidentally shot… he turned his back on the cop….how disrespectful is that ? What else could the cop  do. He fired a warning shot…well..seven warning shots…into his back. It wasn’t the cop’s fault. The guy was broad built, you know.

I worked all this out myself. Anyone can see I’m smart. You gotta vote for me. You gotta.

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